My $60,000 dollar mistake: What went wrong, what I learned & what I would have done differently
My $60,000 dollar mistake: What went wrong, what I learned & what I would have done differently

A $60,000 dollar investment I made in 2012 turned into a $60,000 dollar mistake by the end of 2015, and this is the story of how it happened.

In 2011, a confluence of events led me to a fellow entrepreneur (all names have been removed to protect the innocent — and the guilty) that was smack dab in the middle of getting a new company off the ground.

That in itself may seem inconsequential, but as it turns out, he and the two other founders were getting ready to launch a business very similar to the one I had been envisioning for a couple of months. …

Meditation — what works for me
Meditation — what works for me

I could feel my heart wake up. And it had a message for me. Something I always knew deep down but hadn’t been present to for years — probably since I was a child.

I spent the rest of the day in a state of bliss and love. My mind was present, but so was my heart. And I never knew that was possible.

Meditation had brought this moment to me. And I knew it could bring more.

How I Used to Think About Meditation

I used to think there were only two things you could accomplish with meditation:

  1. Come away feeling refreshed
  2. Get an answer to a…

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It’s goofy.

I spent years earning my personal freedom. And it happened in stages, not in a vacuum.

I first got a sense of what was available in 2011. And by that, I mean I started to see the possibility for being able to do life on my own terms. I also knew that doing so would require a strong financial footing and multiple income streams.

But at first, I couldn’t decide what to focus on. In the next year or two, I joined two network marketing companies. I started multiple niche websites. …

Stop trying to be so clever in your selling
Stop trying to be so clever in your selling

Cheating people out of money might feel good in the short term.

But in the long run, it’s sure to result in complaints, returns, and exchanges.

In matters of business and relationships, my mentors always told me:

What you win them with is what you win them to.

If you win people over with your clever schemes and copy, then it’s only natural that you’re going to see people leave in droves.

Sure, some will stick around. And maybe you’re counting on a high turnover rate.

But is it worth gaining a negative reputation over? And is it worth putting so much time and effort into appealing to the lowest common denominator? …

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In Japan, there are two types of New Year parties.

One is Shinnenkai and the other Bonenkai.

Shinnenakai literally means “new year gathering.”

Meanwhile, Bonenkai is made up of three Chinese characters meaning “forget,” “year,” and “gathering.”

Both types of parties generally revolve around drinking.

But where a Shinnenkai might be celebratory in atmosphere, a Bonenkai would not be.

Because the purpose of a Bonenaki is to forget the troubles and woes of the year past to look forward to what will hopefully be a better year.

I don’t know if there will be any parties in Japan as we approach the final month of the year.

But if there are, I bet most of them will be Bonenkais. Because that’s how most of us feel about 2020.

Originally published at on November 29, 2020.

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It occurs to me that most of us haven’t the faintest clue of how to research. And it’s become increasingly problematic in these strange times where many reports are vastly exaggerated and even fabricated.

For many, research consists of turning on the TV and watching the news.

But we’ve got to remember what TV was made for — for entertainment. Otherwise, programs would not be punctuated by commercials, which are cleverly placed to feed our consumerism.

And rarely if ever are programs — even so-called “serious” programs — not punctuated by commercials. I’ve only seen it once.

A book does not interrupt you to sell a product. And even if it does, you’re welcome to skip over the pitch. …

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I got together with a friend today, and he posed this question to me.

As content creators, being vanilla means blending in.

But if we outright attack people we don’t like, we could risk losing our following. Being banned or deleted even.

Today, certain celebrities are attacking other known figures with what can only be described as hate speech. Quite the world we live in.

I’m not here to cast judgment on it. But I do feel it’s counterproductive. Whatever you add resistance to, you empower and bring more attention to.

Whatever you add resistance to, you empower and bring more attention to. …

Publishing daily is not a decision
Publishing daily is not a decision

I’ve shared about the fact that I’ve been publishing daily since the end of July.

And if you’ve been keeping an eye on my Medium feed, then you already know what’s up.

But why prioritize publishing? Don’t I have better things to do? Don’t I have higher priorities?

Here’s why I’m publishing daily.

I’m Sharing My Story

We’ve all got a story to share.

I’ve experienced all kinds of things in this lifetime — major earthquakes, the death of my father, writing five books, and a great deal more.

There’s no value in a story never told. But there’s always value in stories shared, even if they only ever touch, move, or inspire one person. …

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This question came through on WhatsApp yesterday.

I had to laugh.

But I know that we all get a little wrapped up in our own worlds, and don’t necessarily follow or even remember what others are up to. So, I thought I would address this issue head on.

Okay, so What’s the Deal?

The deal is yes, I’m still making music.

I’m not pumping it out like I’m pumping out blog posts right now (daily) and I’ll probably talk more about that tomorrow.

Either way, I continue to play quite a bit of guitar, and since moving to Abbotsford, I’ve been writing and preparing quite a bit of material. …

How dare you call me “unlimited”
How dare you call me “unlimited”

As is the wont of social media hounds, I received a non-sequitur, context-free message on Instagram today.

I don’t understand exactly what the question or situation was. But if I were to recreate it, the essence of it was this:

How dare you call me unlimited when even my government prevents me from feeding my family?

Here is what I can share:

Limitlessness is Not About Your Circumstances

These are complicated times. And in complicated times, we are typically more exacerbated than in easier, more free-flowing times.

Limitations. Restrictions. We see them everywhere right now. And everyone has been impacted.

No, none of us have been impacted equally. Some are making a little less money. Others have lost their job or home. And there are those whose health has been severely impacted. …


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