ClickUp AI — Is it Any Good?

Can it boost your team’s productivity?

David Andrew Wiebe
6 min readSep 29


Is AI quickly making modern business tools — productivity apps, email marketing software, social media automation, and others — irrelevant?

“No,” says businesses from across the internet, “because we’ll integrate our software with AI.”

And this is exactly what’s been happening. Which brings us to the subject of ClickUp AI.

It should be said at the outset that I already have a bias toward ClickUp, given its ability to become just about any productivity tool you need it to be at a moment’s notice — Asana, Notion, Google Calendar, Trello, and more. So, what follows may be little more than gushing for what is already an extraordinary tool. We’ll see…

Either way, here’s my review of ClickUp AI.

What is ClickUp AI?

The ClickUp AI writing assistant was designed to help project managers with mundane, time-consuming tasks, such as generating action items for a specific project.

ClickUp AI can:

  • Summarize text
  • Write and edit documents
  • Generate action items
  • Role-based tools & templates
  • Comment & thread summary
  • Generate subtasks
  • Task summary
  • Task progress update
  • AI search (coming soon)

Ready to try ClickUp? They have a convenient Free Forever plan, as well as several more plans that scale with your business. Just click on the link to get your account set up NOW.


So, what is there to do besides play around with ClickUp’s new functionality? I immediately began messing about trying different things to see what I could come up with (and whether I could stump AI). Here is my experience, and the result of my AI experiments.

Experiment #1 — Marketing Plan for My New Year Live Music Event

As my first order of business, I had AI cook up a marketing plan for my new year live music event, slated for January in Victoria, BC.



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