Declaring 2023 Complete

It’s time for a clean slate

David Andrew Wiebe


It’s time to take rigorous inventory of any unfinished business from 2023 you may still be holding on to.

If you haven’t already closed the chapter on 2023, start there. You will find the exercise worthwhile. If you’ve completed the former, read on.

Declaring 2023 complete will allow you to begin 2024 with a clean slate. And don’t we all want a fresh start?

So, let’s explore together.

What Unfinished Business is There?

If you don’t already have your journal in front of you, you may grab it now.

It’s time to identify anything and everything that still occupies your mind, whether in the forefront or in the background.

When you’re ready, consider the following areas and make note of any unfinished business that comes to mind:

What is unfinished or incomplete? Take your time and think deeply.

If you have emotion attached to anything that comes to mind, there’s a very good chance that you aren’t complete with said person, event, or circumstance. Write it down.

If the story you’re telling yourself about 2024 is that it will be the same as 2023, or that it will be worse, you’re hanging on…



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