How I got to where I am

Starting Every Day on Square One

Grinding it Out

Parting of the Clouds

Total Immersion

From Me to You

  • Invested in a music industry startup I knew would add value to everyone it touched (it didn’t — it went belly up about five years ago)
  • Started sharing my story, and wrote five books on the music and creative businesses (three became best-sellers)
  • Also started sharing my story through my podcast, which I’ve now been doing for 11 years
  • Helped a jazz musician crowdfund $15,000 for her album
  • Developed social media strategies for some high-level music business people
  • Ran successful social media and independent radio campaigns for musicians
  • Emcee’d, organized, hosted, and tech hosted hundreds of musical and creative events
  • Co-founded The Indie YYC community, which hosts several events per month for creatives (up until recent events, when we started taking it online)
  • And more



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David Andrew Wiebe

David Andrew Wiebe

Award-winning composer, best-selling author, podcaster, musician coach. See what I’m up to now: