If you want a breakthrough in your business, create a breakthrough in your relationships

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Are you getting tired of doing the same thing day after day?

Even though you’re getting a lot done, does it seem like you’re never getting around to the people, projects and things that matter?

And, despite engaging in your passion daily, does it still feel like something’s missing?

Up until recently, this is exactly what was happening with me. I could not have put it into words, but now I can clearly see I was missing that spark for life. I wasn’t excited. You could even say I was in a rut.

But I didn’t know it.

Something had to change. And, it did. Here’s what happened.

I Began Developing Myself as a Leader

I’ve been attending a series of personal development seminars since July.

And, the one that I’m currently taking is called the Self-Expression and Leadership Program.

I’ve known about the program for quite a while but had no idea how they would begin to cultivate the leader within those attending.

But just attending the seminars, doing my homework and acting on my weekly plan has already made a tremendous difference for me.

And, having conversations has been a huge part of the program. I’ve been talking to a lot of people I know, and I’ve started reaching out to others I don’t know.

I’ve started creating a stronger connection with those I know, even those who I had no intention of interacting with again.

I’m beginning to look at my role differently than I used to. I now see that connecting with people is where the difference is made.

I Started Changing My Priorities

My to-do list is starting to look different than it did before I started in the Self-Expression and Leadership Program. Now it includes people.

Before, it was all about what I needed to do — write, record, send emails, and so on. Now, the words “follow up with”, “call” and “contact” have started showing up on my agenda.

I used to think that you’re either a networker or you aren’t. Now I’m not so sure. Because you can always make a difference in the lives of the people you care about.

And, not making that difference is probably what’s holding you back in your business life as well.

If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll begin to see areas in your life where you’re not in action at all. You’re just thinking endlessly about being in action when you aren’t.

There are things you say are important but you’re not doing anything about them and that’s because you’re stuck in your head where action doesn’t exist.

Action only lives in the real world. And, your actions are reflective of your stated priorities.

I Was Able to Eliminate Baggage from My Past

I don’t care if you’ve been to every 12-step group, counselor and psychologist, psychiatrist and meditation session available. You’re still carrying baggage.

Why does this happen? Because we insist that everything that happens in our lives should mean something.

I wish I could sit here and explain to you exactly what this means. But I can’t give you access to it. You’d have to attend the same seminars I’ve been going to.

What you need to know is there is a difference between events that happen in our lives and the story we attach to them.

Your business fails. So, you make it mean you’re a failure. You make it mean you’re not good enough.

Those meanings are separate from the event. The event was that things didn’t turn out how you expected them to. Everything else is a meaning you created.

As I started separating meanings from events, I was able to drop any baggage I was carrying. I’m still stopped in certain areas of life but compared to where I was just eight months ago, I feel unstoppable.

I Got Back into Setting Goals Again

In the past, I didn’t like goal-setting. I found that any and all methods I tried just didn’t work for me. I couldn’t achieve what I’d set out to do.

Then I looked back on my life and took an honest look at what really happened when I set goals. I realized that I had a much better chance of reaching my goals when I was willing to give it a second or third try.

It makes perfect sense. Even if you’ve charted a course for your life and career, you don’t necessarily know what it’s going to take to get there the first time around.

If you’ve run the race once, you now have a feel for what it’s going to take. So, your chances of meeting your goals the second or third time around drastically improve.

My goals also include people now. As a wise person once said:

If you want to do it faster, do it alone. If you want to go further, do it together.

As I’m still in the process of transformation, what is so, right now, is I feel like I’m doing everything alone. I’m creating the possibility of accepting and receiving contribution from others who want to work with me.

My Spark is Back

I haven’t felt this excited in a long time. And, it’s all because I’m engaging in life again.

Looking back, I can see that I must have been disempowered, especially in the area of personal relationships.

I now see that it’s possible to ask people what they think about myself and not make it mean anything.

I can see that it’s possible to declare breakdown where I’m stopped, restore integrity when I don’t keep my commitments, create a sense of relatedness with others, engage in conversations around new possibilities, and so much more.

Again, consider where you are stopped right now. What conversation are you putting off? What project or task are you not taking on? Where are you procrastinating?

Go do something about it immediately. You’ll begin to cause breakthrough in your business because you’ll restore yourself to wholeness, integrity and power.

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