Is there a difference between music entrepreneurship and musician entrepreneurship?

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I created Music Entrepreneur HQ a few years ago. And I started exploring the idea a few years before that.

One question I’ve been pondering as of late is whether there’s any difference between music entrepreneurship and musician entrepreneurship.

On the surface, there is. One is about establishing a business in the music industry. The other is about taking an entrepreneurial approach to one’s music career.

And if you asked me a few years ago, I probably would have told you that there was a significant difference between the two. Roughly 20% of difference.


I would say there’s only about 2% of difference, if that.

What happened?

Well, musicians got into sales funnels in a big way. And you won’t find too many music educators or consultants worth their salt who aren’t teaching this to their students.

So, ad campaigns, landing pages, copywriting, video sales letters and all that “stuff” that was once relegated to entrepreneurship is just as much a part of the music business today. Talk to a savvy musician, and you’re sure to find they’re quite knowledgeable in this area.

Likewise, finding one’s niche hasn’t become any less important for musicians and entrepreneurs alike. A musician, if they can, should find a way to be a big fish in a small pond. And an entrepreneur has got to find a way to make their offer compelling, especially if competition is stiff.

So far as the products are concerned, it’s true that musicians aren’t selling toothpaste. Then again, many entrepreneurs are also selling digital commodities — information, membership, online coaching and so on.

There’s almost no difference between music entrepreneurship and musician entrepreneurship anymore.

That makes Music Entrepreneur HQ the top online destination for the products you need to build your music career or business. Bookmark, subscribe, add it to Feedly… do what you do!

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