#StrategySunday — January 3, 2021

This week’s planning session

#StrategySunday — January 3, 2021
#StrategySunday — January 3, 2021
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I call this “minutes,” but it’s just a list of items covered during the planning session.

  • I reviewed my current learning efforts — books I’m reading as well as courses I’m taking.
  • I added self-care to my minutes and briefly speculated on possibilities.
  • I reviewed new opportunities and projects.
  • I speculated on automating content distribution for additional amplification.
  • I speculated on a new website idea I’ve been considering.
  • I time blocked my schedule for the coming week.


Was there anything interesting that came out of this week’s reflection and planning session?

  • What I learned from executing against my schedule last week is that I can get a huge chunk of work done in just three days. So, making time for self-care and brainless admin tasks on Thursday and Friday seemed to make a lot of sense and that’s what I’ve planned for this week.


Were there any ideas that came out of this week’s session?

  • The new website idea was something that came up over the course of the week, and not something that came out of this session. But I got to think more about what it might look like if I were to build it.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for dropping by and let me know how your planning sessions have been going.

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