What frog will you eat today?

What frog will you eat today?
What frog will you eat today?

Recently, I was prompted to start publishing daily.

I do a lot of writing already, whether it’s for my own books, projects, and websites, or for my clients and partners.

So, publishing daily seemed a little ridiculous. Simultaneously, I found it to be a motivating challenge.

And I’m only about two weeks into the process now, but I’m finding it incredibly rewarding. I feel like my passion to serve and add value to my audience has only gone up!

So, onto eating that frog. What are we talking about here?

I believe it may have been personal development author Brian Tracy who first tabled the idea of “eating the frog” first thing in the day. And I felt, intuitively, to share this with you today.

When he says, “eat the frog”, he’s not talking literally about eating a frog. I don’t know anyone who eats frogs, but if you do, I’m not judging.

He’s talking about doing the hard thing, the first thing in the day.

We all know what that “hard thing” is. If you’re a salesperson, it might be making that “big” phone call. If you’re a blogger, it probably means writing. And if you’re in business, it could mean getting in touch with your partners or striking up that joint venture you’ve been holding off on.

For me, because I’m looking to publish daily (and the reality is I now publish twice per day), my frog to eat is content.

Creatives sometimes say “content” is a derogatory term. I don’t mean to offend. I tend to use it as a catch-all term for publishing because it’s the foundation of good marketing.

Don’t get caught up in terminology when you’ve got a vision to fulfill on, a purpose to live, a mission for achievement!

Content might not lead to a profitable action by your audience. But it can build trust. And, hopefully, it leads them to follow you on social media or subscribe to your email list.

Anyway, this isn’t so much about publishing or content. It’s about eating that frog.

I’ve just shared with you the frog I’m eating every single day.

What frog will you eat today?

Figure out what that is and do it now.

Once that hard thing is out of the way, you’re free to get back to your to-do list. Everything on there should appear much easier once you’ve done the hard thing first.

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