Why You Should Create a “Learning” Folder Now

Retain and use more of what you learn

David Andrew Wiebe


Why You Should Create a “Learning” Folder Now
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How much time do you spend on idea generation?

What about reading books, blog posts and articles, listening to podcasts, or watching videos?

If you’re a writer, there’s a good chance your content consumption habits are quite extensive, because you never want to be in that dreaded state of staring back at blank screen, wondering what you should write next.

A lot of people consume. But not many people take notes. Even fewer reference what they’ve learned, and even fewer apply it.

Here’s why you should create a “Learning” folder now.

What Tool Should I Use?

I created my “Learning” folder inside Google Drive.

You can use whatever tool you want, but Drive felt right to me, given that I can create Docs and take notes from any device.

These days, I do most of my reading on my iPad. I still prefer hardcovers or paperbacks, of which I have a few at my current residence, but I left most of my library in Calgary, when I decided to become a digital nomad.

So, I read with my laptop next to me, where I can take notes on what I’m reading.

How Does a “Learning” Folder Benefit Me?

I find that reading gets me into flow. And when I’m in flow, ideas seem to come fast and easy. If I’m not actively capturing these ideas, I could lose them forever.

Not to mention, I love to make notes on what I’m learning, how I might apply it, and even jot down memorable quotes on the content I’m consuming.

I already have pages and pages of notes I can refer to on a variety of topics, some that connect directly to my work and marketing efforts.

And whenever I’m thinking to myself, “where was that quote I jotted down — I sure would like to use that in my article now,” I can easily search it up and find it within Drive. No more flipping through multiple books, trying to figure out where that quote was.

So, your Learning folder can help you:

  • Make a record of what you’re learning…



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