You are not here by accident

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It saddens me that so many live for some far-off day in the future when everything will be “perfect”, or when they reach the “afterlife”. It angers me even.

If there is a creator, don’t you think he or she or it would have put you here on purpose? Do you think they messed up when they offered you this experience? Did they send you here to torture you? Or, was it part of a deliberate plan?

Isn’t it possible we all chose this experience?

“Why would someone choose a life of pain?”

You’ve answered your own question. The association with pain is a choice.

The message we’re bombarded with every day is we’re insignificant. We don’t matter. What we do doesn’t matter. Our lives are short, and we only live once. We’re just a tiny speck of dust on a blue dot in the universe. Since life is insignificant, we may as well live a life of consumerism and hedonism.


Is that true, or is that just what we’ve been told is true?

I believe we are more susceptible to suggestion than we even realize. Whatever we are told time and again gets reinforced through repetition and becomes our reality. We think we’re smarter than that. We’d see right through it. There’s no way we could be hoodwinked.

Friend, the best place to hide truth is in plain sight. We refuse to trust our instincts and what we can sense and observe and instead trust a book, a guru, a scientist, or an expert to tell us what the truth is. They are smart, well beyond our own faculties. They know more, and they know better.

Do they know better, or are they hiding behind their fancy theories, clever math and “infallible” spiritual wisdom? There is a difference and it does matter.

If you want to free your mind from The Matrix, first you must realize that you are not here by accident. There is plenty of opposition that will tell you otherwise, but life is a precious gift, and who you are and what you do does make a difference in this world. It does matter.

Wouldn’t it be sad to live your whole life not realizing your value? Wouldn’t it be sad to realize when it’s too late, when you could do nothing to change it?

You are not here by accident, and neither am I. We are all co-creating and coexisting at a specific time in history, together, for a specific purpose. Missing that means relinquishing your life to some other entity that has no interest in you as an individual.

They could care less whether you get sick, lose a family member, or go broke. They are happy to substitute simple truths for complex lies, and we accept it, because the complex lies sounds smarter and better.

We don’t question what we’ve been told, and instead accept it as is, because they know better and have more letters after their name. Even when they contradict themselves and repeatedly announce, “new findings”, we continue to trust them, as we’ve trusted them from day one.

It’s all a setup.

So, don’t long for heaven or nirvana or whatever goal you’re striving towards. Don’t think of your life as an accident or a transitory experience. Embrace the now. Embrace the fact that you matter. Embrace the fact that you can see, hear, taste, smell, and touch, and you can make up your mind about the very experience you are living.

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